It all began with Freecodecamp

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I was starting to get into the comfort zone where, I was having an awesome time without writing anything literally. But hey, seems like I can’t help it as some of my readers are beeping me and asking as, ‘Hey Fa’rath, when are you gonna write about your adventure and show us what you did and etc?’

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So I decided to stop being lazy and write about something what I am doing next.

Well, yes — indeed, from my previous scribbling on Joining the Freecodecamp, you may have known that I wanted to explore my options from the Camp, but something turned me up and said, that perhaps I should also understand about what I am doing right now.

Taken from Pixabay

Get what I meant? DevOps, guys!

Hence, I shall scribble about DevOps as well, as how I am coping with my Career Management as we go along from here.

Sounds cool?

Well, let’s dedicate a through lesson plan for our DevOps on what and how I am doing to do in order to follow it strictly.

For now, I shall rest Freecodecamp a little low, whilst I focus on DevOps and also contribute to the Freecodecamp’s Wiki Page at with my knowledge which I shall be gaining as I cover through DevOps.

So shall we, guys?

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