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I ranter most of my thoughts in the Are you stuck in a mid-career crisis? story as you may have read previously.

Today morning started off late for me, as I was deep in my thoughts of what I have to do next and what I love to do today.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with my Team Manager, and I was advised to find my inner passion and figure that out. Not only that, some can do technical work but to some, it’s just a burden. Don’t you agree?

But hey — isn’t that a common problem with most of us — working professionals today?

What do you really love to do?

With that, I decided to join the Freecodecamp being welcomed by my good friend, Quincy Larson where I hoped to contribute and learn from others who might be having the same mid-career crisis as well.

This might not be a best way out, but at least it is a beginning to where I would be spending time to explore other possible areas which might interest me and brighten me up (the same way I used to be) and create the HOORA shout as how I did for DevOps once.

With that, I shall write more about my adventure at Freecodecamp in my next stories.

Meanwhile, if you wish to learn more of me — just stalk me on LinkedIn.

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