Mid-career crisis?

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Are you stuck in a mid-career crisis?

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Well, I do now.

Initially, I started off with Java Development, and then moved on to Operations.

Many asked me — why did you moved away from Java?

Well, in programming — it’s not always about developing new sets of codes for a new functionality but it’s always about staring at others pieces of shitty code written in a non standard order.

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Then, I wanted to fight my non-productivity issues as it wasn’t a joke to just spend time debugging. That got me into Operations.

I was taught to handle Customers problems and address their problems to the Developers. It wasn’t a mere simple task to handle Customers as many other Customers are of different kinds.

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Speaking with customers requires a different kind of skill-sets which only some could wield. And that was interesting in fact to myself — as many of the Customers aren’t tech-savvy but they needed to be guided step by step.

On the other side, I was exposed to Data Collation of valuable insights using my SQL scripts from the various databases which my client were operating on. (I can’t reveal any information due to the project nature).

It was rather easy to me, as I found myself executing the same batch of SQL scripts again and again, hence I simply automated the scripts by running it on an UNIX server via a crontab job.

And that job was known as Data Engineering. Pardon me, as I didn’t knew the official name for the work I was doing.

Now, I’m implementing DevOps best practices for my Developers at Autodesk using the next generation of DevOps tools.

But once again, I’m seeing myself asking this question — does this motivates me?

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Something to ponder about…

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