Responsive Web Experience for Design Canada Documentary AoiroStudioMar 22, 2019 I would like to feature the site design for Design Canada, a documentary film celebrating the golden era of Canadian graphic design. Designed by fellow Montrealer folks from , a digital design agency based in Montreal, QC, Canada. The site design is clean and simple […]

Huge zigzagging windows tease apart these two cross-laminated timber office buildings, which Danish architecture firm 3XN has proposed for Toronto.  Called T3 Bayside, the 10-storey office complex is proposed for property near Lake Ontario in the Canadian city. The T3 Bayside proposal comprises two large volumes designed to rise to 42 metres tall at their highest point. […]

The Sakura, or the Cherry Blossom holds an iconic role in Japanese culture, finding its firmly rooted place in Japanese tradition, art, outdoor spaces, music, manga, anime, and film. It now finds itself as the inspiration source for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch. The torch, designed by Tokujin Yoshioka, pays tribute to the flower that […]

We usually have a tendency to take things for granted, until someone proves us wrong. I guess I’d never look at a spatula and go, maybe this could be better than what it currently is, but somewhere, a designer saw potential in uplifting the spatula to make it much more functional and useful than it […]

WeWork parent The We Company has revealed plans to explore the design of cities of the future with a new initiative spearheaded by New York’s Studio Dror and former Google executive Di-Ann Eisnor. The We Company‘s new “future cities initiatives” plans to fuse together technology, data and real estate to find address issues surrounding contemporary […]

Bubbling forms of silicone foam cover the furniture pieces in Chinese studio Lewu’s Borrowing for Birth collection, which was launched at Design Shanghai this month. To create the collection of tables and stools, the studio covered second-hand furniture pieces with a viscous liquid solution that releases hydrogen and bubbles to form a silicone foam. Lewu unveiled a collection of […]

According to artists: “Polyus is the largest gold producer in Russia with second largest area of explored reserves in the world. More than two million kilograms of gold, just imagine! Although this is not the first project we have done for the client, it’s certainly the most unusual. We took as a basis real photographs […]

When it launched late in 2018, Google’s Pixel 3 quickly won over a legion of admirers thanks to its industry leading camera. It’s no exaggeration to say that if you’re after snazzy little snapper on your phone, you currently can’t do any better than this rather special device. If you’re tempted to splash out on […]

Have the perfect idea for an app? If you’ve been dreaming of learning to build your own apps, Hacksaw Academy can help! This course teaches you the necessary skills to dabble in tech and even turn them into a potential career. And though a lifetime subscription typically costs $600, it’s currently available for 91% off […]

During the rule of communist revolutionary leader Chairman Mao Zedong in mid-20th century China, hordes of traditional works of art and design were destroyed and a new style of heavily-censored, creative work was introduced at the demands of the Government. Born into a peasant family in 1893, Mao was the leader of the Chinese Communist Party […]

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