Thinking about which lens to buy next? You might want to take a look at this 9-minute video first. In it, photographer Jamie Windsor argues that choosing the right focal length is more than a technical decision based on what type of photography you want to do — your choice affects the dynamic and meaning […]

As mentioned previously on this site, I use the Fat Llama website to loan out some of my photography gear when not in use, and I’ve been very happy with the extra beer money… well up until last week that is, as my camera kit was stolen! Let’s rewind a bit and go through exactly what happened, […]

Gear Acquisition Syndrome (or G.A.S.) is real, and we know it, right? No matter if you’re trying to fight yours or you have embraced it, Taylor Jackson now has a fun song for all the gear maniacs out there. Try not having it stuck in your head! Apparently, Taylor has embraced his love for cameras, […]

I love seeing the wet plate experiments of Austrian photographer Markus Hofstätter. He’s so prolific with them that when he decides to do something interesting it ends up being very interesting. Lately, he’s been trying to apply wet plate techniques to types of photography you wouldn’t normally associate with the medium. He has a couple of very […]

Canadian photographers Taylor Jackson and Lindsay Coulter teamed up to create ‘Gear Lust,’ a music video centered around Gear Acquisition Syndrome — that is, a photographer’s compulsion to acquire more gear than can reasonably be used. The amusing song kicks off with, ‘Some people say that I have a problem acquiring gear, some say that […]

DJI has confirmed its drones are prepared for the GPS 2019 week rollover scheduled to take place on April 6. The event may disrupt some GPS receivers, but most manufacturers have confirmed that their systems have been tested ahead of time and are prepared for the rollover. The GPS 2019 week rollover is an event […]

Delaware craft brewery Dogfish Head has teamed up with Kodak to create SuperEIGHT, an analog-inspired Super Gose beer designed specifically to develop film. Sam Calagione, founder and CEO of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, was recording an episode of The Kodakery, a podcast created by Kodak, when he learned that with the right levels of acidity […]

Video slideshows are a “best of both worlds” approach: you get the motion and excitement of video, but you can use photos instead of commissioning a camera crew. Pull together your favorite images, add them to a slide show template, and presto! You’ve got a video slideshow that’s ready to share. In this tutorial, you’ll […]

Since moving to the Creative Cloud software-as-a-service model, Adobe has been providing several feature updates per year to its software. But these features have come at a cost of ever-increasing system requirements, begging the question: Is it worth it? [ Read More ]

Fashion week: To some, it’s a time for designers to showcase their latest collections. To others, it’s pretentious and laughable. Here, one group of YouTubers decided to dress a friend up in the most ridiculous outfit possible, in an attempt to see if photographers covering London Fashion Week would take the bait. [ Read More […]

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