Being the modern country located in the eastern hemisphere, Australia is one of the first major countries of the world, that celebrates New Year as soon as the clock strikes midnight and that too before any other country. Most of the people love to travel to Australia for New Year’s Eve. The weather during this […]

Planning a good night out for New Year’s Eve? Whether you want to hit the electrifying streets with your family or friends or wanted to go are an elaboration dinner or date or just wanted to explore thrill and adventure, the Philippines is a country that offers everything! Loud rivalry and fireworks all around the […]

Rotterdam is a surprising city. In fact, many travelers go there for a day and discover that they need to come back for more. The list of what to see in Rotterdam is long, and to choose what to do in just 24 hours can be an overwhelming task. To help you make the most […]

Rotterdam is our favorite city in the Netherlands! Yes, you got it right. As much as we love Amsterdam, our hearts belong to Rotterdam, a super cool city packed with history, art, good food and amazing architecture. Check our recommendations on what to do in Rotterdam, places to visit and delicious food to try, and […]

Rotterdam in the Netherlands is deeply connected to the sea and trading. The Mass River is the pulsing heart of Rotterdam. The city houses the largest port in Europe, also considered one of the biggest in the world. As a traveler, you can be part of this maritime world, go on on a Rotterdam boat […]

Melbourne is a city that appeals to many different travelers thanks to its culture, its welcoming residents and the vast amount of interesting activities on offer. We know, Melbourne (and Australia in general) is sometimes considered a relatively expensive travel destination, but those on a budget shouldn’t be put off; not everything is expensive there. […]

Let’s face it, Europe is overflowing with beauty, both conventional and unique. The sheer diversity of locations, architecture, and history makes Europe the world’s best continent for photography. However, few cities in the entire world can hold a candle to what Rotterdam has to offer in terms of photography. If you like to snap cool […]

When you’ve spent as much time exploring Europe as we have, you start to look for the more off-the-beaten-track places where tourists don’t flock in droves, the local language is still spoken by most, and the food is so unique to the specific area that you likely haven’t tried it already. That’s exactly what you’ll […]

If you’ve never experienced going on a cruise, you might feel anxious to try it out. New things can often feel too inconvenient if you’ve already gotten used to tried-and-true methods of traveling (via airplane or car). However, you will never truly know your limits or your tastes unless you constantly push yourself to try […]

Tasmania is at the top of the bucket list of many people for varying reasons – some want to experience the untouched nature and interesting wildlife of this little island, while others are looking for the best hiking spots that pose a challenge. Then again, there are also those who would like to savor every […]

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