Planning documents at the centre of a dispute between architect Amin Taha and Islington Council, over the future of the controversial 15 Clerkenwell Close in London, have come to light after previously being thought to be lost. The documents, which are now available to view on the council’s online planning portal, show details of the fossils that appear on […]

New York City developer Harry Macklowe and global architecture firm Gensler have proposed a 96-storey office tower in Midtown Manhattan, which could become the city’s tallest skyscraper by roof height. Details of the proposal, named Tower Fifth, were acquired by the New York Times last week when Macklowe submitted the preliminary application to the Department of City […]

There’s a word in Swedish, “hygge,” to describe the pleasant feeling of cozying up, feeling content and warmed by the moment. The Finns have taken it one step further: “päntsdrunk” is an act of lounging in your underwear with no intention of going out. And we’ve found you the perfect place to do so. Finnish-Italian […]

Detsky mir (Children’s World) is a popular children’s retailer in Russia with over 700 stores requiring the company to move into new offices. With the company actively growing, they took over a former printing factory in Moscow and hired FORM to design a workspace that gives nod to board games. The playful design reflects memories […]

Brian Rochefort’s sculptures are an explosion of clay, texture, and color. His latest works are on view in New York at Van Doren Waxter in an exhibition titled “2030”. Tulipe, 2018 Installation, Brian Rochefort “2030” at Van Doren Waxter, New York Rochefort’s process involves firing, glazing, breaking, rebuilding, and RE-glazing ceramic vessels multiple times until, in his […]

Cristian Chierici is an Architect, graduating from the Politecnico of Milan in 2005. He worked in Milan as a 3d visualiser and in 2009 founded his own visualization office CC79. In 2015 he moved to Paris to join LUXIGON and start UFO Visual investigating new approaches to architectural visualisation, computational media and photography. Currently, he […]

Dom, 7 years loves to draw random things. From ‘creepy’ bikes and cars to wild animals like elephants and giraffes that could easily give you a nightmare; Well, literally. Some of his work might prove beneficial when in a bad mood; because they can’t help but cheer up anyone who takes time to appreciate his […]

Design budgets are under pressure. The economic outlook seems unclear. So it pays to be prudent with your pennies… right? Well, yes, to a degree. But when it comes to kitting out your workspace, going for cheap and cruddy options are a false economy if they only make you miserable and unproductive.  A happy designer is […]

In this tutorial, I’ll be guiding you through my process for creating a captivating fantasy portrait of an elven maiden. Her story is that she’s a woman of wealth and sophistication who, by some happenstance, is travelling the mountainside. I created her for the cover of ImagineFX magazine. In this Photoshop tutorial, starting with my […]

Image: Courtesy of SEADM Products and technology that could change the airport security process and have an impact on passenger experience have been showcased at an event in London. The new concepts are supported by the Government’s Future Aviation Security Solutions (FASS) scheme which is run by the Department for Transport (DfT) in conjunction with […]

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