A thought that keeps coming up: You spreading the word about a project/company/product you love makes a difference. Don’t just think a compliment, put it out in the universe. It’s rocket fuel for makers.

I was in the room when Gabby Rivera gave this talk. I was sitting in first row and feeling my heart opening listening to her story. 11mins well spent.

“All that a person does outwardly is but the expression and completion of inward thought. To work effectively, we must think clearly; to act nobly, we must think nobly.” — William Ellery Channing

Japanese brand Wasara makes the most beautiful paper plates, cups and silverware. (You can find it on Amazon)

Not that you would, but you COULD leave out MO-ON’s OBICUUM vacuum and it wouldn’t be the terrible eyesore that is most models on the market. Minimalistic and rendered in a myriad of attractive color combinations, the design leans more sculpture than an appliance. However, you won’t sacrifice functionality as it doubles as a mini-vacuum […]

Diabetes impacts the lives of individuals, globally. However, in developing countries, the treatment can be far more varied and unreliable; in many rural locations, the pharmacies independently decide what type of insulin they supply, and this can be changed on a regular basis and often without warning, and for the Diabetic, this can mean a […]

The world changed as we knew it in 2016 when Apple announced that their phones would no longer carry the 3.5mm headphone jack. They were obviously pushing for wireless audio, as they also launched the AirPods that year. As with everything Apple does, the entire industry followed, dropping the jack from their smartphones, resulting in […]

We’ve woken up to the reality of the anthropocene era and realised the catastrophic damage we’ve inflicted on the planet. Now we must develop a new form of architecture that can adapt to major environmental changes, says Darran Anderson. The Science Advisory Committee published a report in 1965, titled Restoring the Quality of Our Environment, for American […]

Studio Bark has embedded an off-grid home, which has a tapered roofline that opens out to a glazed gable end with views over a meadow, in Suffolk, England. Named Black Barn, the two-storey house is characterised by its charred cedar-clad first floor, which Studio Bark designed to reference local agricultural buildings. The off-grid house, which is fully powered by […]

Swiss design duo Régis Tosetti and Simon Palmieri have rebranded luxury menswear brand Christopher Raeburn and introduced a new logo that references the company’s heritage. The design is inspired by an air force parachute The new logo features a circular emblem divided into four segments of white, olive, sand and orange by a black, web-like outline. It is […]

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