Plus a 6,000-calorie sushi roll topped with pizza, and more news to start your day No spicy chicken sandwiches for Super Bowl attendees Super Bowl LIII will be held Sunday, February 3 in Atlanta, and though Mercedes-Benz Stadium is home to a Chick-fil-A, the controversial fast-food chain will maintain its policy of being closed on […]

When you need a quick one-pan dinner that has tons of veggies and protein, look no further than this egg roll skillet. Inspired by the tasty filling in Chinese egg rolls, this ground pork skillet requires very little chopping thanks to a bag of coleslaw mix, but it’s full of ginger and garlic and all […]

Shrimp is a weeknight dinner superhero. It cooks quickly and is extremely versatile, yet feels like a treat every time I set it down on the dinner table. This classic recipe calls for ingredients you probably already have on hand, like butter, garlic, and lemon, which together create a saucy, Italian-leaning shrimp that’s just begging […]

Ever since the Queen of Uncluttering, Marie Kondo, got her own Netflix series, Americans have become obsessed with Tidying Up. While I’m well overdue for a big closet purge (does this tattered, 10-year-old bathrobe spark joy?), my main concern right now is getting my kitchen in tip-top shape. It’s where I spend most of my […]

Pesto paneer sandwich recipe, a delicious sandwich with pesto twist. You can use store bought ready made pesto sauce for quick preparation, quite filling snack, perfect for hungry kids back from school.After making pesto pasta with homemade pesto sauce, I tried these paneer pesto sandwich which a friend of mine told she had in restaurant […]

This simple Instant Pot Pasta with meatballs is the type of easy, all-in-one instant pot meal that we all love!  It includes uncooked penne pasta, frozen meatballs and a simple homemade red sauce. Instant Pot Pasta with Meatballs Hey everyone, this is Lauren visiting again from Tastes Better from Scratch. I’m a huge fan of easy […]

This Healthy Banana Bread recipe is made with whole wheat flour, bananas, coconut oil, Greek yogurt, and naturally sweetened with pure maple syrup. It is a family favorite! Healthy Banana Bread Recipe I love baking banana bread and our boys love eating banana bread, we are a great team:) The other day they spotted brown […]

Greek Style Green Beans Stir Fry Recipe is a hearty recipe made from sautéed green beans cooked with onions, tomatoes, garlic and some heat is added to the beans stir fry by adding crushed peppercorn and chilli flakes. It is considered as one of the traditional Greek style vegetarian dish but there can be many […]

Jowar Jo Dodo Recipe is a authentic Sindhi recipe of a gluten free flatbread with sorghum as the star ingredients. ‘Juvar’ is the Sindhi term for the word Jowar/Sorghum.  The Jowar Jo Dodo dough is loaded with fresh greens like methi leaves and coriander leaves. The dough also includes green chillies that lend some heat to […]

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