Lauren Goode / Wired:Google debuts Interpreter Mode in Google Assistant for smart displays and speakers, to translate languages in real-time for people in the same physical space  —  OVER THE PAST year Google has been making its virtual assistant, the eponymous Google Assistant, more capable of handling …

Dieter Bohn / The Verge:Google is evolving Assistant to combat Alexa by adding flight check-ins, helping developers integrate services via a new Assistant Connect platform, and more  —  Today, Google is showing off auto-translation on smart display speakers, letting you naturally talk to each other with the speaker acting as the translator automatically.

Mark Zuckerberg:Mark Zuckerberg says his challenge for 2019 is to host a series of public discussions about the future of technology in society  —  Every year I take on a personal challenge to learn something new.  I’ve built an AI for my home, run 365 miles, visited every US state, read 25 books, and learned […]

Theodore Schleifer / Recode:Sources: self-driving startup Aurora is raising $500M+ at a $2B+ valuation in a round led by Sequoia  —  Aurora’s appeal is predicated on three well-credentialed founders from Google, Tesla, and Uber.  —  The startup Aurora — which is not yet two years old but has made waves …

The online retail giant is pulling dozens of items from its online marketplace after a Muslim advocacy group flagged the merchandise.

SportsArt says its Verde treadmill is good for your body — and the planet.

There’s nothing worse than Joy-Cons running out of battery when you want to play multiplayer. Powercast has a pioneering solution.

Smaller, slimmer Black Edition models arrive at CES 2019 with a notch of a different kind.

We’re keeping a running list of new, Alexa-compatible product announcements from Las Vegas.

The biggest issue with the XPS 13 finally gets solved, making it a slim 13-inch laptop that’s tough to top.

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