Your health could soon be monitored by one of Samsung’s adorable little “Bot Care” robots.

Three experts discussed how research onboard the ISS impacts life on earth.

At CES 2019, Lenovo has introduced two new smarthome products: the Smart Clock with Google Assistant and the Smart Tab with Alexa. The former is sort of a mini version of the company’s existing Smart Display, while the latter is a tablet and Echo Show in one. The Smart Clock has a 4-inch display and […]

All-in-ones tend to come in two flavors: a budget machine for novice users or an all-out monster with style and flexibility. Lenovo has taken the latter option with its new Yoga A940, a top-of-the-line machine meant for artists and creators. Announced at CES, the 27-inch machine includes a 4K touchscreen and a double-hinged display stand, […]

It’s all too easy to end up with messy disorganized drawers. Spend less time looking for stuff and more time on the important things by upgrading your drawers, big and small, with these great organizers. Now, all these drawer organizers are fairly interchangeable. You don’t have to use the one we suggest for the task […]

At CES 2019, Lenovo reps told us that they’re moving the “Yoga” brand beyond the convertible form factor of the original Yoga laptop. Now the company is using it for a variety of premium offerings, making it more of an aesthetic than a feature. That’s why the Yoga S940, despite its flexible name, is a […]

Blacklights are a great party piece, and they’re especially useful after the party is over. Why? Well, you can use a blacklight to find any critters or bodily fluids that may have stuck around. That’s right, most bodily fluids contain chemicals that glow under UV light. But you don’t have to lug around a full […]

WINDOWS 10 is braced for an update that will fix an annoying feature about the Microsoft operating system, it has emerged.

A sex toy won a CES award but the organisers had a panic and withdrew it, causing outrage

Cochlear implants work with your iPhone and could completely change your life

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