Host of gun lobbying group’s TV channel says congresswoman makes him ‘sick’

The budget proposal is expected to be sent to congress on Monday, setting up a fight that could define the 2020 election

Under the formula – which would raise billions of dollars – countries would pay the full cost of hosting troops, plus a further 50 percent

Case subject of avid discussion on social media for months — and seen by many as a test of whether Xi Jinping would support troubled private sector

France is experiencing an “epidemic” of eye injuries as police repeatedly deploy golf-ball-sized rubber bullets, France’s top ophthalmologists say, urging President Macron to halt use of the projectiles. Read Full Article at

Ethiopian Airlines has released the first photo from the crash site of its Boeing 737 MAX, showing debris scattered at the location. Its publication came shortly after the airline said that all on board the plane had been killed. Read Full Article at

Living in the middle of a warzone gives little reason to rejoice, but a Russian community in Syria found some reason to smile and relax – at least for a short moment. Read Full Article at

Plumes of thick black smoke have been spotted above central Stockholm as a bus exploded and went up in flames after reportedly slamming into an entrance to a tunnel. Read Full Article at

A Russian frigate sailed through the English Channel after a stop off the Scottish coast, where it was shadowed by a UK warship and closely watched by local media that fanned fears about a “hallucination-inducing device” on board. Read Full Article at

Four Indians, including an Environment Ministry consultant, were among those killed when a Nairobi-bound Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed after take-off from Addis Ababa, Foreign Minister Sushma…

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