“Smooth fit and stay up much better than Spanx. If you’re looking for a nice piece to wear to give you a more polished, smooth look, this is it!” “A great full body shaper. Works and is nice and thin, so not too hot.” “These are absolutely wonderful! They go up nice and high so […]

You’ve likely stumbled upon these terms in your shopping search over the past few seasons—culottes, gauchos, and palazzo pants. And when you see them, you might wonder how they differ because they have a very similar design. They’re wide-leg trousers that come in all different colors and fabrics, so why two, well, three different names for them? Though oftentimes […]

There are several things to look out for when purchasing a new pair of jeans. Are they comfortable? That’s very important. Do they have a versatile wash? Another dealbreaker. And how about the price tag? Though jeans can get very expensive—and fast—sometimes, they’re worth the splurge, especially when you know you’ll be wearing them nonstop. […]

The shopping struggle can be seriously real, but when you enter a new era in your lifetime (we’re talking a new decade), it becomes all the more difficult. Why? Because your style is likely to change as you get older, which, in turn, means you won’t be shopping at all the same places you did in […]

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