Singaporean activist Roy Ngerng Yi Ling analysed the CPF pay-outs and shared his observations via a Facebook post in his profile on Thursday (Feb 21). He said that based on his findings Singaporeans would not even have S$60,000 in their CPF for their pay-outs. The Taiwan-based activist and blogger took the information on CPF being […]

Twenty years ago, Southeast Asia’s largest country was grappling with corruption, nepotism, and cronyism. A recession had landed on the Indonesian economy and the people revolted against its leader. Turn the clock to 2018 and a similar pattern is taking place in another Southeast Asian country — this time in Malaysia. After more than 60 […]

The EU funded project CLAIM published a study describing an innovative technology that degrades microplastics.

Crafted by top meditation teachers and neuroscientists, MindFi will help you live a happier and more productive life by teaching you how to reset and recharge your brain on the go.

Artificial Intelligence allows contractors to build smarter, cheaper and more efficiently, disrupting an industry that is changing rapidly.

New research from Berkeley research group reveals new questions about the mass-extinctions 60 million years ago.

Which Television Show Contains An Entire Movie Hidden Within It? The Simpsons Doctor Who South Park Cheers Think you know the answer?

THE Galaxy S10 is now available to pre-order and Samsung is offering £300 off this device when Apple users trade-in their iPhones.

SONY will reveal its next-generation flagship smartphone on Monday but a new leak may reveal a major change that’s coming to the popular Xperia brand.

WINDOWS 10 has received an update that makes your PC more secure and here is everything new.

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