Members of the community say they feel vulnerable in the wake of the church and hotel attacks that left 359 people dead.

Afghan and international forces killed at least 305 civilians and wounded 303 between January and March, UN says.

In Ecuador, cameras across the country send footage to monitoring centers to be examined by police and domestic intelligence. The surveillance system’s origin: China.

At least 10 antigovernment protesters supporting the Arab guerrilla movement were killed in clashes with the security forces.

Is Chinese-style surveillance becoming normalized? A Times investigation found the Chinese surveillance state is spreading past its borders.

The investigation into a series of suicide bombings in Sri Lanka entered a fourth day on Wednesday. While information continues to emerge, some questions remain unanswered.

Further details emerge of the attackers behind the Easter Sunday bombings that killed 359 people.

The North Korean leader will meet President Putin for the first time near the city of Vladivostok.

It is the first seismic signal ever detected on the surface of a body other than Earth and its Moon.

The White House refuses a request from Congress, raising the prospect of a lengthy legal battle.

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