The Walking Dead returns to our screens in just under a month’s time, so AMC’s ramping up the excitement for the second half of season 9 now with this cool new poster which features three of our heroes with some mysterious, chilling foes waiting in the background. In the foreground of the one-sheet, Daryl (Norman Reedus), […]

Keanu Reeves’ half-baked sci-fi yarn Replicas proves why cloning is bad in more ways than one. It’s not clear how far in the future Replicas is set since it takes place in a Puerto Rico that looks (from what little we see of it) remarkably pristine and free of the ongoing aftermath of Hurricane Maria. […]

Matthew Byrd Jan 11, 2019 There’s a hidden playable character in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe that’s a blast from the past. Players have discovered a hidden playable character in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (which is still the most unnecessarily long title in quite some time).  The story behind this hidden character […]

Netflix’s newest teen comedy series, Sex Education, is another raunchy, but fully compassionate look at hormone-crazed adolescents. It’s a great time to be coming of age. Not since the late ‘90s has there been such an explosion of movies and television shows centered on the discomfort and growing pains of the teenage experience. Hell, with […]

A beloved crewmember leaves show as The Orville clumsily tackles anti-vaxxers. This The Orville review contains spoilers. The Orville Season 2 Episode 3 Hardcore fans of The Orville will often cite the fact that the show holds true to the spirit of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but the reality is that most episodes feel […]

Gavin Jasper Jan 11, 2019 Every Royal Rumble has to start with someone and these pairs of competitors tend to have some meaning behind their appearances. One of the things that makes the Royal Rumble so great is the illusion that everything is random. When the countdown ends, we don’t truly know who is going […]

Blumhouse’s 2019 starts by taking one companywide step forward with their latest Into The Dark chapter. After critical reports identified a striking gender differential between The House Of Toby’s horror director hires, after Jason Blum’s interesting-at-best response, Sophia Takal becomes the brand’s first female filmmaker (*on a horror title*) with New Year, New You. In […]

Everyone wants in on that sweet, sweet streaming action – including IMDb. The Internet Movie Database has officially launched its own streaming service called Freedive, and as the name suggests, it’s free. That’s good! Unfortunately, it also has a lot of ads that cut into your movie every so often. That’s bad! Still, the selection […]

(Welcome to Small-Screen Stream, a feature where we share the best television shows streaming and where you can watch them.) It’s a brand new year and the slates are wiped clean – which means it’s time to start playing catch-up with TV-watching once again! The endless viewing cycle never ends, but streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, […]

The Punisher season 2 finds itself in an odd place — as one of two survivors of Netflix’s purge of gritty Marvel shows starring streetwise superheroes. So it perhaps has even more to prove with its upcoming second season than the widely acclaimed Jessica Jones, as The Punisher boasts a more widespread fanbase and a protagonist whose […]

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