The Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board has come out to clarify the circumstances surrounding a 55-year-old Singaporean, Mdm Carena Tan’s request to draw out her CPF savings to pay for her mentally ill son’s treatment. Mdm Tan’s story went viral online last week, after she publicly revealed that the CPF Board rejected her request to withdraw […]

As part of efforts to combat online falsehoods, the Media Literacy Council (MLC) launched two new media literacy resources – the ‘Get Smart with Sherlock’ fact-checking starter kit and the News and Media Literacy Toolkit – for students, educators and the members of the public on Monday (11 March) at the Better Internet Conference, where […]

Yet another deer collision was caught on camera, this time on Upper Thomson Road. A car dash cam caught sight of a deer running full pelt out of the tree line and crashing straight into a motorcyclist. The animal got back up right after the collision and stood on the empty road looking dazed. The […]

Governments of Malaysia and Singapore have agreed to revert to their original port limits after both governments agreed to suspend the previous extensions of their port limits within a month from Thursday (March 14). Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah and Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Singapore Dr Vivian […]

VIRGIN Media broadband customers are getting a radical boost to their service and here’s how to check if your speeds are about to get better.

WINDOWS 10 receives two big new features from Microsoft and here is what users need to know about each one.

EE HAS revealed a fresh new offer which includes six months of free Amazon Prime Video that you can watch without using any of your data. The offer follows a similar deal from Sky that was announced last week.

HUAWEI P30 Pro could radically surpass the P20 Pro in terms of performance if leaked benchmarks for the device are accurate.

Service has been restored on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp – but the company claims it hasn’t been hacked

To celebrate Pi Day, which falls on 14 March, a Google developer has calculated pi to 3.14 trillion digits for the first time

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