Insta360 had a solid 360 camera on their hands with the Insta360 ONE X the company launched late last year. Now, the company’s taking that concept one step further, introducing the new Insta360 EVO that features both 360 and 180-degree 3D photos and videos. [ Read More ]

The post A Beginner’s Guide to Stunning Close-Up Photography appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Jaymes Dempsey. Do you want to take incredible close-up photos? Here’s the truth: Capturing incredible close-up photos doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be extremely easy – if you know what to do. […]

Now that Captain Marvel has finished its first weekend in cinemas, Anthony and Joe Russo’s Avengers: Endgame is next on the MCU agenda, and it looks like the movie’s final proper trailer is no more than a few weeks away from dropping. Earlier this month, Trailer Track’s Anton Volkov speculated that some fresh footage from […]

No online multiplayer game is immune to hackers and cheats. From Team Fortress to Quake, World of Warcraft to Call of Duty, there will always be players who exploit loopholes and in-game technicalities in order to gain an unfair advantage over their rivals. And Apex Legends is no different. Respawn’s frenzied shooter is undoubtedly the […]

When it comes to video game microtransactions, how much is too much? That’s the question posed by Apex Legends players, who recently voiced their concern over the in-game pricing. Much like Fortnite, Apex Legends is freemium by nature which is to say that the über-popular shooter is free to download, and Respawn earns revenue – quite […]

Though Apex Legends has come along and stolen a lot of its thunder – on Twitch, at least – Fortnite is still right up there with the most popular video games currently available. Perched at the tip-top of that wave is Ninja (AKA Richard Tyler Blevins), who remains a huge advocate for all things Fortnite. So […]

Long before The Umbrella Academy graced Netflix, the term ‘umbrella’ was associated with another geek-friendly franchise: Resident Evil. If you’re at all familiar with Capcom’s genre-defining horror series, you’ll know that the Umbrella Corporation was responsible for the T-virus and all of its many mutations. They single-handedly brought humanity to its knees, all the while […]

Rob Leane Mar 13, 2019 By focusing on what makes LEGO great in real life, The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame breathes fresh life into the virtual franchise. The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame packs in an entire universe of planets to explore, and thanks to this vastness, coupled with our own packed schedule, we’re quite a […]

Greg Evans Mar 13, 2019 DC Comics villain Lex Luthor has, on three occasions, become President of the United States. Here’s what happened… Lex Luthor is a man of many talents in the world of DC Comics. He possesses a genius level IQ, is a successful businessman and inventor, exuding charisma from every pore. All […]

Spencer Mullen Mar 13, 2019 Toyota, Rick and Morty Season 4, Richard Madden, and more in today’s daily Link Tank! A voice actor from Star Wars Resistance auditioned for a role in Rick and Morty. In an alternate reality, Rick and Morty Season 4 shares a voice actor with Star Wars Resistance and Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but […]

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