January 10, 2019Where to begin with all of the loveliness of today’s wedding? It’s an absolute beauty, and I love it when a couple take such strong inspiration from the things they love, especially when it comes to books. The breathtaking celebration I’m about to share with you contains a host of thoughtful, enchanting details, […]

Yay! You’re engaged! Not it’s time to start planning the most epic engagement party of all time. If your stuck for ideas, here are some sweet engagement party ideas to get you inspired. The post Engagement Party Ideas and Inspiration appeared first on Modern Wedding.

Every facet of this wedding threw me into double-take mode. Every detail is carefully curated and thoughtfully designed, as if the planner, JMK Events, were the Bride. Oh, wait… she is! Jessica poured her heart and and soul into crafting her own fete (as she does for all of her events), but this one, expectedly, […]

For the past 20 days the United States federal government has been shut down. That means that Congress can’t come to an agreement with the president on how the U.S. Treasury should dispense funds for government projects and agencies — in this case, President Trump would like money to build a border wall, and he […]

For those of us with food-based allergies, mealtimes can be a minefield, especially when eating food not prepared yourself. There are an astonishing 170 different types of foods that can cause allergies, including milk, fish, eggs, and wheat — all extremely common items in American food. According to research organization Food Allergy Research & Education […]

I’ve cleared out and reorganized my kitchen many times over the years, usually in conjunction with The Kitchn Cure, and every time I’ve learned something new: I much prefer storing my spices upright in a pull-out drawer, rather than in a wonky rack; there’s a simple solution for a flaky pepper mill; and I’ve yet […]

For as much time as we spend in the shower, it can be hard to find the time to clean them right afterwards — which you really ought to do to attack build-up before it gets really grimy. But what if we told you we’d discovered an easy, foolproof way to clean your shower on […]

You may constantly need to explain yourself to your parents or conservative family members when they first take a look at the Sony LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker, because trust me, it looks uncannily similar to something you’d find in a college-going teenager’s room. Mary Jane reference aside, this product, weird as it may look, is […]

Whether or not it will be a hit, I always get excited seeing something entirely new! And this idea by designers Seungho Choi and Yoona Lee is exactly that. At first glimpse (not necessarily to its benefit) it looks like a hybrid of an audio recorder and hair dryer. Upon further review, however, you’ll notice […]

New York firm Float Studio has created neutral offices in Lower Manhattan for Meet in Place, a company that provides rooms to rent for meetings and other events. The Meet in Place outpost in the Financial District (FiDi) follows the room rental platform’s debut location in Tel Aviv, which opened in 2016. Yaron Kopel and Michael […]

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